Christine Lawrence

Christine was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1951. From an early age she was encouraged by her mother Clarice Lawrence to draw, paint and create. Clarice’s artworks, demonstrations and constructive criticism will always be an inspiration. See Clarice’s artwork here

During her 4 years of study at the South Australian School of Art and Western Teachers College, Geoff Wilson, lecturer in Painting and Design and South Australian landscape painter, became a great inspiration to Christine in his use of colour, composition and ways of analysing and representing the visual world. She obtained an Advanced Diploma in Secondary Teaching, Fine Art

During 11 years of Visual Arts teaching in secondary schools Christine always made time for her artwork. The River Torrens and botanical gardens of Adelaide provided an array of subject matter and she enjoyed occasional days painting the landscape of the Fleurieu  Peninsular with Geoff Wilson and Dave Dallwitz.

In 1984 Christine began painting fulltime. Over the next 12 years she took part in numerous painting trips organized by  artist David Dridan. The opportunity to work in the landscape  with other artists including David, Geoff Wilson, Silvio Apponyi, Brian Seidel, Brian Dunlop, Penny Dowie, Rod Schubert and Jim Ingolby, was invaluable. Locations included the outback stations of Wirrealpa, Martins Well and Gum Creek in the Flinders Ranges, Siam in the Gawler Ranges and the historical property, Murndal in Southern Victoria. Accomodation was usually found in shearer’s quarters where great meals and shared experiences following a days painting, made for many memorable and inspiring times.

A large amount of subject matter was collected through en plein air painting, sketching and photography. Back in the studio major works were composed.

During these years the Strout Farm group was formed. David Dridan, Geoff Wilson, Dave Dallwitz, Hugo Shaw , Lesley Redgate and Christine met at Strout farm near Willunga on a weekly basis for days of en plein air painting, shared lunches and lots of fun.

In 1996 Dave composed a poem celebrating these days for the opening of an exhibition of Christine’s work. Read the poem here

In 1997 Christine returned to teaching Visual Arts at Gilles Street Primary School where she taught 17 reception to year 7 classes a week, both mainstream and Intensive English Language Program students involving 40 different cultural groups.  She organized several murals at the school, the largest 38 metres x 5.6 metres depicted different regions of the Australian landscape and included between 60 and 70 birds, animals and reptiles. School holidays were used to complete many commissioned works for both corporate and private collections.

Christine retired from teaching and moved to Wanarra station in Western Australia in 2016, where she is able once again to focus on her artwork.   She visits her home in Adelaide on a regular basis.