Hugo Shaw

Hugo Shaw was born in 1937 in Adelaide, Australia. He is married to Hatherleigh with 2 daughters and 4 granddaughters. He attended SA School of Art for 2 years and spent 6 years as a visualizer in Advertising: – during that time he was mentored by Sir Ivor Hele.

In 1963 – 1964 Shaw studied at the Byam Shaw Art School in London under Maurice De Sausmarez and was inspired by art collections in galleries in London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Vienna, Madrid, and Amsterdam.

From 1964 – 1987 Shaw was back in Adelaide teaching art at secondary school for year levels 3 to 12, whilst painting mainly along the coast of South Australia.

Shaw quoted:

“I can’t explain the desire to paint, I just know it’s there – seductive, demanding, frustrating, rewarding and infinitely fascinating and variable”

Artist Hugo Shaw has had exhibitions at Dridan’s gallery, Osbourne Gallery, The Barn, Kensington Gallery, Hanrahan Gallery and participated in Dridan’s Painting trips: Only once – but joined him and others at Strout Farm near Willunga: sunny for 16 Thursdays in winter – in a row!!