Restoration Framing- The Pikes Banner Story

10th March, 2015

Earlier this year, our friends at Pikes Wines in Clare South Australia brought in this beautiful old banner for restoration framing.

Pikes Wines hold a prominent place in South Australia's History, the family business has been passed down through generations since 1886.

Originally established in Oakbank, the business was named Pike & Co and was known then for its quality beer, soft drinks and cordials. This banner was recently found in the back of an old truck purchased from a collector in Oakbank. From what we know already about the Pikes' timeline we have deducted that the age of the banner dates back to the 1920's!       

As you can imagine, the banner is extremely fragile. It displayed elements of once being involved in a fire. It's edges were torn and flaky, and the entire banner very crumpled. Our picture framers handled this article with utmost care as they put their restoration framing techniques to play. To ensure the banner does not deteriorate any further- it was ironed out, pulled taught and spot-stitched down to acid free mount boards. 

The banner is "floated" in the frame to show off the edges, maintaining the character of the piece. The frame is finished with an acrylic front to protect the banner from dust and insects. The acrylic is shatterproof and lightweight making this large piece easier to hang.

Spanning over 2 metres this framing job is a real statement piece. Doesn't it look fabulous!