Photograph Restoration

Photograph Restoration

22nd May, 2015

Do you have old photographs at home in need of some restoration? Most restoration services require the original photograph to be sent away, a very trusting exercise! 

We have recently teamed up with Vivid Recollection, a fantastic photograph restoration company. We are now able to scan your images onsite in our showroom with a high quality scanner, send a digital copy off to be restored and you take the orginial picture back home. Your original photograph never leaves your sight through the whole process! 

Long forgotten photographs, slides and negatives often reemerge from storage faded with the passage of time, creased, scratched and stained. Thankfully digital technology enables us to return these images to a close approximation of their original state. Vivid Recollection's approach is to preserve the character and texture of an image, rather than strive for airbrushed perfection. 

Through this technique we are able to repair cracks and tears, buff out scratches and restore colour to old precious photographs.

Call in to our showroom or visit the Vivid Recollection website to see examples of what can be achieved!