picture framing

Adelaide’s picture framing craftsmen

So many options, so many ideas

There are a million ways to frame art, and we know about most of them.

Our clients love us because we are so good in narrowing the many options to provide framing ideas that work. We not only enhance the art our frames contain, we provide design solutions that integrate appropriately with surrounding décor and architecture.

As with all great art, it’s the great ideas that really count.

Honest and
competitive pricing

Clients tell us our pricing is very reasonable for the standard of  quality they prefer

To be honest, most of our clients no longer check our prices against our competitors. While we‘re happy to leave the cheap end of the market to others, so many clients have long since learned our pricing is very reasonable for the standard of service and quality they prefer.

If ever the old adage that you get what you pay for should be applied, it’s also worth noting that when it comes to framing it’s the quality that can take years to become evident that really matters.

We don’t cut corners and we don’t compromise on quality to achieve false economy.

While cheaper suppliers might offer easier or more obvious framing solutions, Smartart takes a bespoke approach to each piece. Extensive experience and a deep knowledge of the diversity of mouldings, boards and glass available equips Stacey to make design recommendations that set her work apart from the others. The difference between an individually tailored solutions compared to an off-the-shelf option is the difference between good and great.

The range of mouldings we offer is enormous, including:

  • Gold or silver leaf frames
  • Water gilt frames
  • Stained timber frames
  • Faux finished frames
  • Art Deco or Art Nouveau frames
  • Victorian or French Empire style frames

Presentation is everything

Great framing can make all the difference in enhancing art .

Stacey George is backed by a team of highly experienced framing craftsmen and art restorers. She offers a combination creativity and design excellence to offer superior framing solutions. This is coupled with rigorous quality control to ensure flawless standards of workmanship.

We stock a broad range of materials

You should see our range of gorgeous mats which come in a variety of colours and textures to enhance your artwork. Naturally we use museum certified archival mats to ensure your art is preserved for generations to come

Our options for glass include:

  • UV clear glass to ensure absolute clarity
  • UV non-reflective glass (diffused on one side only)
  • UV museum grade glass for use with valuable artwork when only the best will do
  • Perspex, a lightweight alternative to glass best suited to very large work

Our frames are in Adelaide’s most prominent homes

We’d love to tell you about some of our loyal clients, but we’d rather be discrete.

Ask around, though, and you’ll probably hear about Stacey’s particular talent in identifying art and framing solutions that simply work. Her clients love her uncanny ability to choose art that completes an interior environment, and framing that takes the art it enhances to a whole new level. That’s why they keep coming back to us over and over.

In-home consultations

Stacey offers expert at-home consultations to residential owners looking to enhance their existing art collection or add new art to their walls to bring new life to their interiors.

She will discuss framing styles and colours. Where needed, she can make suggestions about adding new artwork to your existing collection, or perhaps help you start from scratch if you’re after a fresh look.

The artists’ choice for standout exhibitions

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built among many of Adelaide’s foremost artists and printmakers.

We offer a complete service to artists looking for custom framing solutions for individual pieces or for entire exhibitions. Where needed, we will visit your exhibition space with you to enable us to make informed suggestions on framing format and presentation. Our goal is to enhance your work and contribute to creating an outstanding impression for your next show.

Impeccable quality

It’s a given that we ensure the use of high quality acid free materials and, where required, UV protection or anti-reflective glass to ensure high standards of presentation and archival conservation.

Experts at framing 3D memorabilia

It’s extraordinary how a great frame can make even ordinary items look special

Some framing requirements aren’t exactly straight forward.

Smartart has vast experience framing three dimensional items ranging from sporting memorabilia to photo montages, tapestries to historical clothing.

Actually it’s extraordinary how a great frame can make even ordinary items look special. We’ve framed seashells and football guernseys, cricket bats and military medals. You name it, we can frame it.

You name it, we’ll frame it

No two items are alike, and every framing assignment is treated with individual care and flair to create an impressive presentation.

Choosing the right framing techniques and combining the right colours and textures will not only enhance the value of your memorabilia but also ensure protection from the ravages of light and time for many decades.