Framed prints Adelaide

Archival framing and photograph restoration services

Entrusting valuable art for framing can make even the most experienced art collector nervous.

  • Will the art be handled with the greatest of care?
  • Will the right framing techniques be used to protect and preserve valuable work?
  • Will the materials used stand the test of time, protecting the artwork rather than causing long term damage?

We're fine art specialists. We not only offer expertise in art conservation and archival framing, we offer art restoration services to undo the damage that may have resulted from years of damage cause by acidic boards or light exposure.

Our framing techniques are designed to protect artwork from UV light, air pollution, dust, humidity, insects and mould. When framing works on paper, we use the same materials used by art museums, using modern hinging techniques so that no damage will be caused if hinges are removed decades later.

Photograph Restoration

Do you have old photographs at home in need of some restoration? Most restoration services require the original photograph to be sent away, a very trusting exercise!

In conjuction with Vivid Recollection we can bring your precious old images back to life, without them leaving your sight! In our showroom we scan the images at a high quality and send the digital copy away to be touched up, brightened, stitched back together, repair tears and cracks.... and take your original photographs back home with you. 

Visit Vivid Recollection website to see examples of this fantastic service.

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