Brenton Drechsler

Brenton Drechsler is an emerging visual artist whose practice explores ideas around opacity, personal narrative, and orientation through the lens of his queer subjectivity. He also explores the absence of belonging to place. Through a vigorous practice of painting, editing and reflection, Brenton has considered the link between his sense of self and the materiality of paint. Brenton explores his themes with a variety of consistent motifs like foreign urban environments, garments, career-based iconography and ‘gendered’ things. His research and painting methods have focused on the subversion and distortion, of patriarchal systems and heteronormative environments. His practice also explores the right to opacity in contemporary visual art.

Multiplicities, binaries, repetitions, and dualities are all tropes in Brenton’s work, evoking the back-and-forth nature of being queer. An ever present, non-human alter ego emerges in the form of a green and white stripe which binds my work together, present in each composition.