Courtney Mikaela

Courtney Mikaela is a contemporary Australian artist based in the Adelaide Hills. Her expressive portraits celebrate women through vibrant colour palettes and playful textures. Each work is a delicate balance between detail and abstraction; art that holds its own, feels authentic and radiates spirit. 

Courtney paints mostly anonymous subjects and considers the beauty of the human face the same as a landscape; both are expressions of nature and the world we live in. Her process is very intuitive meaning the faces morph and change throughout. Courtney is not concerned with the identity of the subject, but whether the viewer connects to the finished work.

Captivated by colour and all things arty from a young age, Courtney is a spent her childhood and early adult years creatively experimenting and visually documenting the people around her. She is fascinated with the potential of combining mediums, working primarily in oils, acrylics and pastels.