Clarise Tunkin

Clarise comes from a large family of artists; with the great Jimmy Baker as great-grandfather, Kay Baker as grandmother, Kani Tunkin as aunty and the talented Teresa Baker for her mother, it is not surprising that Clarise Tunkin is bursting with artistic talent.

Clarise is part of the exciting next generation of artists creating rich, energetic artworks with a sensational individual quality. Whilst only painting since 2012, her talent was recognised when she was selected as a finalist in the 2015 Telstra Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award, which is held each year at the Art Gallery and Museum of Northern Territory in Darwin.

Clarise comes from the community of Kanpi in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands (APY Lands) in South Australia. It is located about 20km south of the Northern Territory border at the base of the Mann Ranges. Clarise attended school in the Pitjantjatjara lands, as well as in Adelaide, and has been taught by her mother about country and the sacred stories associated with it, just as Teresa had been tutored from her Tjamu.

Clarise paints the stories of Marlilu, a Pitjantjatjara creational figure, and her work certainly holds an enigmatic power. Clarise recalls visiting Marlilu’s cave with her mother at age fifteen. Her bold lines, intriguing compositions and daring colour combinations gives her work an assuredness well beyond her youthful years. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this talented artist.